Picture-Perfect and Doctor-Repellent: Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Everyone just wants to have that picture-perfect smile, the smile that looks good thanks to straight teeth. It is undeniable that straight teeth are very attractive to look at, and we would be willing to spend money just to align our teeth to that straight line. At first glance, we wanted straight teeth just for the aesthetic appeal that it gives to us. But I would bet that not everyone knows straight teeth are more than just pretty things. There are benefits not limited to oral health that can be derived from having these oral jewelries.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Of course, the direct beneficiaries of straight teeth would be the teeth and gums. Straight teeth properly line the teeth according to how they’re supposed to be lined, which helps in evening out the pressure that the gums receive while eating. Also, straight teeth provide little to no room for the buildup of plaque, giving us healthier teeth, while adding in extra protection for damages to the gums.

Undisturbed Eating

A good bite to a delicious pizza is not just affected by the crispness of the crust, but also by the straightness of our teeth. Straight teeth ensures that we have an improved bite that will surely help us in mincing the buffet of our choice. Not only would our oral health improve, our digestive tract would shake our hands for making their jobs easier.

Effective Cleaning

Toothbrushes and floss are convenient tools in cleaning our teeth. With straight teeth, the process of cleaning them becomes even more convenient, since the surfaces that needs brushing are exposed like they beg to be cleaned, and floss fits rather snugly in straight teeth. This means that straight teeth themselves ease the way they are maintained, and that is incredibly convenient.

Well-Protected Teeth

Straight teeth put teeth in the way they are supposed to be in the mouth. Their normal position is well-determined so that these white things are covered by the lips and the other facial structures that protect them. With straight teeth, chances of having broken teeth are lowered, thanks to the natural protection which is our face. We can end up with a broken face, but at least we get to keep the straight teeth!

Less Problems and Less Bills

We will encounter oral problems at least once in our life, but if we do well in having straight teeth, we can ensure that our oral health is good and we can encounter less problems regarding our oral welfare. This means that a visit to the dentist will not hurt both our mouths and pockets. That’s healthy AND economic!

The Root of the Desire

Of course, we wouldn’t be leaving out the benefits our social health can get from straight teeth. With an improved appearance, our likeability skyrockets, and it tags along our self-confidence. A good boost to our self-confidence can help us become productive in our endeavors, whether it may be work or school, and that’s a benefit we all would like to have.

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